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Tonik Slam, born August 9th, 1989 in Yekaterinburg, in the Ural Mountains(Russia). At the age of 9, Tonik was introduced to Hip-Hop, inspired by the passion and energy, young Tonik began his journey in the World of Music.
Fast forward, Tonik started recording himself on a karaoke mic at the age of 15, which had developed into his own independent label, released 3 compilation albums, even opend up the stage for XZIBIT, ONYX, Raekwon(Wu-Tang) in YBC. So one of those days he reached out to the Legendary Kokane, and they started working. In 2013 they collaborated on Tonik Slam’s debut solo album “Hell-A-Cold” which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud. And soon after Tonik Slam & Kokane began putting together their joint album “THA KEMISTRY!!” which hit the 1st place on the Russian iTunes chart in the 1st week of sales(January 2018).Tonik Slam produced 11 songs and introduced his alter ego “got loonch?”.

Tonik Slam participated in several contests, and made it to the finalshe Akademia contest wit the «Hell-A-Cold» LP, and won as «The Best Rap/HipHop Album» April 2015. As the winner he received a radio promo campaign for the single «Hell Of It», “Ponica Paradise” & “Magnetik” which has been being played all over the world for more than a year in heavy rotation. and he received #1 ON THE CHARTS Award by Radio FM Global Network.

He moved to California in 2015 and he found himself in the perfect environment to grow as an artist, producer, and now an engineer. He opened the stage for Outlawz and Devin the Dude in San Diego. He, also, met and had a chance to work with to such Legendary artists like Tha Chill(Compton’s Most Wanted), Kurupt(DPG), Bad Azz(DPG), Roscoe(DPG), OG CUICIDE, CROOKED I. Tonik Slam produced a single “I’m Da SH!T” for Kokane, Kurupt, Roscoe, Crooked I. Tonik was published in ONE WEST magazine. During one of his trips to Los Angeles Tonik Slam had a chance to visit Snoop Dogg’s studio with Kokane, and Tonik witnessed 2 Legends work.

Right now, Tonik Slam resides in San Diego, CA, where he partnered with one of his mentors Jay Wat whom he met in 2007 when he came to SD for the 2nd time to open up a audio recording studio. This studio is considered to be one of the best in Southern California, artists like Mitchy Slick, Jayo Felony, AD, Big June, Compton Menace, Heartbreaka, Vokab Kompany, Rob Stone. Tonik is working on his new TRAP project, collaborating with such artists like Adonis DaHottest, Skrappi3(TMMT).

Tonik Slam & Tha Chill recorded and shot a video for the single “white Russian” which will hit all the media outlets October 25th, 2018. Stay tuned..

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